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Today's Sermon

God loves us all
  • A Message from: Bishop Walter A. Clyburn

Bishop Walter A. Clyburn willfully and humbly assumed the mantle of pastoral leadership at Mount Pilgrim over 34 years ago with a primary drive and desire to see friends and loved ones receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. For this cause, Bishop Clyburn’s life has been dedicated to serving GOD with clean hands and a pure heart and worshiping GOD in spirit and truth. If there is a person to be acknowledged for a sincere desire to do what is right, Bishop Clyburn is that person. If there is a person to be recognized for denying themselves and giving honest/unwavering support for others, Bishop Clyburn is that person.

Bishop Clyburn is not an aloof, out of reach or out of touch pastoral leader. But rather, Bishop Clyburn is a faithful Christian servant that consistently and continuously extends himself in Christian fellowship, ministry, support, and generosity to lay members, fellow church leaders, ministers, laborers in the gospel, as well as those in need. Bishop Clyburn’s efforts for making himself available for others cannot be understated. Going forth, Bishop Clyburn will continue to lead Mount Pilgrim and others with his labor of Christian fellowship and love.

To add to his many credits as a faithful pastor and servant of GOD, Bishop Clyburn has accomplished over 34 years of Christian ministry, extensive remodeling and renovation at Mount Pilgrim, acquisition of a property adjacent to Mount Pilgrim which has been remodeled and renovated for Christian teaching and fellowship, birthing and presiding over an additional Church and related ministries (The G.A.T.E Ministries, an acronym for God’s Access To Eternity which is led by Pastor Kelvin A. Clyburn), and leadership of countless other Christian ministries, teachings, fellowships, and outreach initiatives.